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The English Defence League: Illegal immigrants against illegal immigration.

ImageToday’s going to be a day of laughter on Fool’s Britannia, bearing in mind the fairly miserable nature of my first three blog posts (and the next three, and the three after that… I don’t like the world very much.)

The UK’s most prominent ‘anti-Islam activist’ (read: outspoken racist), Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson/Andrew McMaster/Paul Harris (he’s an international man of mystery too), has been jailed for ten months for entering the United States using a false passport.

Yes. The man whose organisation is leading a ‘fightback’ against “rampant illegal immigration” has been put in jail (not for the first time) for illegally entering another country. Not only this, but his reason for illegally entering another country was that his past criminal convictions, ranging from mortgage fraud to violent assault to drug use, prevent him from entering the United States legally. He actively subverted the kind of immigration legislation he and his ‘pressure group’ want to intensify within the United Kingdom.

Now the EDL is rank with hypocrisy in many areas; it claims to take a noble stand against intolerant theocracies, but would be perfectly happy with a country under strict Christian law, it blames ‘mass’ immigration of Muslims and other Middle Easterners for all of the UK’s social problems despite their existence 30 years ago in the time of Thatcher, and it claims to be an open and tolerant group only committed to fighting against ‘savage’ Islamic ideology, not individual people, and then promptly goes around vandalising Occupy camps, beating up antifascist activists of all colours and creeds and attempting to break strikes. Unfortunately, those things are really just a bit depressing. This particular incident of hypocrisy is nothing but hilarious.

Unfortunately other than laughing at Stephen’s picture Fool’s Britannia has little left to offer regarding this particular incident. He’s an idiot and he’s in jail now. Yay. However, you can spend a few minutes entertaining yourselves with these other stunning displays of incompetence from everyone’s favourite racist pressure group:

  •  In the local elections last year, the highest vote registered by the EDL’s political wing, the British Freedom Party, was 79.
  • This year, that same party has deregistered from the Electoral Commission by declining to send in their £25 registration fee. The recession even hits racists, you know.
  • With one deputy leader (Stephen) already in the clink, Kevin Carroll, their other slightly more bigoted Chuckle Brother, may well be following him after being stopped on the M1 driving a furniture van full of balaclava-clad EDL members supposedly travelling to a mosque. To have a ski party, of course.
  • The last time the EDL adopted a more conventional method of transport for their animals/members, they drove a coach halfway into Tower Hamlets before being jeered, bricked and forced to flee.

Whilst fascist elements may be causing genuine trouble in certain areas of the United Kingdom today, trouble that we should stand strong against, it pays to remember that the longer they make a nuisance of themselves, the faster they fade into obscurity and become very simple objects of amusement. Take it from Stephen.


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