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The English Defence League: Illegal immigrants against illegal immigration.

Today’s going to be a day of laughter on Fool’s Britannia, bearing in mind the fairly miserable nature of my first three blog posts (and the next three, and the three after that… I don’t like the world very much.) The UK’s most prominent ‘anti-Islam activist’ (read: outspoken racist), Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson/Andrew McMaster/Paul Harris (he’s … Continue reading


Walking J Street: Obama, Netanyahu, Chuck Hagel and Israel’s dominance of Western politics.

The White House has recently let slip that Obama is expected to name Chuck Hagel, prominent and experienced Republican ex-senator from Nebraska, as his new Secretary of Defense ( Of course, not even a gesture as sensible and pragmatic as appointing a colleague from across the aisle will come without criticism for the President; and … Continue reading