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The English Defence League: Illegal immigrants against illegal immigration.

Today’s going to be a day of laughter on Fool’s Britannia, bearing in mind the fairly miserable nature of my first three blog posts (and the next three, and the three after that… I don’t like the world very much.) The UK’s most prominent ‘anti-Islam activist’ (read: outspoken racist), Stephen Lennon/Tommy Robinson/Andrew McMaster/Paul Harris (he’s … Continue reading


Walking J Street: Obama, Netanyahu, Chuck Hagel and Israel’s dominance of Western politics.

The White House has recently let slip that Obama is expected to name Chuck Hagel, prominent and experienced Republican ex-senator from Nebraska, as his new Secretary of Defense ( Of course, not even a gesture as sensible and pragmatic as appointing a colleague from across the aisle will come without criticism for the President; and … Continue reading


Cereal killers: the ‘Frosties ban’, healthy eating and the role of our relatively useless state.

There’s very little an MP, particularly a Labour MP, can say in today’s United Kingdom without inflaming a large and vocal chunk of the public. There’s also very little negotiation with our (or our childrens’) almost perverse fascination with eating sweets, or what tastes like sweets, for breakfast on a daily basis, guided through a … Continue reading